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With access to over 50 Lenders, Patrick Romann can help you get the best rate to renew your Oakville mortgage.

Is Your Mortgage up for Renewal?

Now is a great time to look at other options and rates. Your current lenders will send out the renewal forms just before the maturation dates. These are sent to people with good payment history. Many homeowners send these back without checking anything. With jobs, families, and other responsibilities, it's the easiest route to take. Explore your options with Patrick and you could save money.

Quick Approval For Mortgage Renewals

I'm Patrick Romann and I'm a recognized source for helping my clients get the mortgage lending and financing they need.

We make Mortgage Lending & Financing Possible for our clients living in Oakville.

If you're looking to renew your Oakville mortgage, I can help you find the best rates and get approval fast.

Have Your Mortgage Needs Changed?

If yes, then it is time to change your renewal as well. Maybe you want to consolidate your high-interest debt with your mortgage. Perhaps you want your home equity so you can invest in a renovation project. Maybe you are thinking about buying a new home. 

Here’s the truth: There are lenders out there who want your business. You just have to get to them. I can help you find out the best lenders according to your requirements and get your renewal approved. I deal with more than 50 lenders that include banks, trusts, national and regional lenders, and more. And I work for YOU.

What is A Mortgage Renewal?

Don’t know what a mortgage renewal is? It’s simple. A mortgage renewal is when you take the remaining balance of your mortgage and renew it for another term. You can apply for a better (read lower) mortgage rate easily.

Make sure that you have your mortgage maturity date marked in your calendar. Most lenders send you the renewal form around thirty days before the maturation date. I can start even before that. I can give you a plethora of options so that you can make a well-informed decision. Partner with Patrick Romann, and you will always have your needs met.

Don't Simply Sign Your Mortgage Renewal Form

When the date of your mortgage is nearing, you need to keep an eye on your mail. You may receive a mortgage renewal form from your lender a few weeks in advance. Many people in Canada feel reluctant about getting into the details. And that's the reason, a lot of people just sign and send back their mortgage renewal form.

Where you have the opportunity to negotiate with your lender for the best rates, you simply let it go. But if you are getting your mortgage renewed by Patrick Romann, you will not miss out on any chance or any opportunity. I will make sure your new terms, payment duration, and mortgage settlement align with your comfort zone. I have got your back for this.

What Happens After Signing a Mortgage Renewal?

When you sign for a new mortgage term, you basically are signing another new mortgage. So, whatever you have paid so far, has been paid, and the new mortgage will be contracted with you on the remaining balance. When Patrick Romann is your mortgage broker, you get the best deal out of it. And I also make sure that you get the most suitable rates for paying back your remaining mortgage balance.

You Should Negotiate Your Mortage Renewal

According to several mortgage consumer surveys, more than half of the homeowners in Canada get their mortgage renewed without ever negotiating with their lender, let alone switch the lender. That is why lenders don't have to put much effort into facilitating you as an end consumer. However, suppose you renew your mortgage without the assistance of a professional mortgage broker, like me. In that case, you may end up agreeing to all the terms and conditions set by your current lender.

Whether those terms and conditions make sense to you, you will still agree to avoid all the hassle. But there is no hassle when your mortgage renewal partner is Patrick Romann. I will present you with multiple options for switching your lender with a more beneficial one for you. And even if you want to settle things with your current lender, I will make sure it goes in your favour.

How do you get a Locked-in Interest rate for your Mortgage Renewal?

Suppose there are only a few months left before your mortgage reaches its maturity. In such a condition, you can make use of the early renewal option. This option is not available in all mortgages, but if you select the one with this option, it can come in handy in such scenarios. So, having the chance to lock in your interest rate before the mortgage matures can actually earn you a locked-in interest rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want to negotiate with my current lender at the time of mortgage renewal?

Like most Canadians, if you want to go by the terms of your current lender, then yes, you can do it. But you won't be getting the best terms and payment plan this way.

What happens if my current lender refuses to renew the mortgage with me?

This is possible if your credit score had gone down compared to when you got your first mortgage. Don't worry about it when Patrick Romann is your mortgage broker.

How can I get a locked-in interest rate on my mortgage renewal?

You can do so by coming to me at the right time, which is at least two or three months before the mortgage matures.

Will the lender check my credit score at the time of mortgage renewal?

Your lender will always have access to check your credit score. And when it's mortgage renewal time, your credit score can play a crucial role.

Can I apply for an early mortgage renewal?

Given that your mortgage is qualified through Patrick Romann's brokerage, you can easily apply for an early mortgage renewal.

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