Oakville Home Equity Renovations

Patrick Romann is a mortgage broker in Oakville who can help you gain quick and easy access to the equity in your Oakville home to use for home renovations.

Fast Home Equity Loans

While banks and other lending institutions may have some tight guidelines around qualifying for a loan, it's not the case if you have equity in your home.  If you have blemished credit, or have declared bankruptcy, you can still gain access to the equity in your Oakville home for renovations

Quick Approval For Home Renovations

I'm Patrick Romann and I'm a recognized source for helping my clients get the mortgage lending and financing they need.

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If you're looking for a home equity loan in Oakville for renoations, I can help you find the best rates and get approval fast.

Take Advantage of Low Mortgage Rates in Oakville

With record-low mortgage rates happening right now, many Canadians are taking the opportunity to renovate their homes in Oakville. You may need to fix the roof, or maybe you want to add a swimming pool in the backyard, or even do some landscaping. Regardless of the project in mind, accessing your home equity is an affordable way to get your home renovation done.

Start Renovating Using a Home Equity Loan

There are several lending options you could pursue to get the money you need to renovate your Oakville home. However, using your home equity might be the best option.

Home renovation projects can cost a lot of money. A traditional loan might be too expensive. By leveraging your Oakville home equity, you'll have access to the capital you need at an affordable rate to fix the roof, or renovate the bathrooms or even improve the landscaping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a home equity loan a secured loan?

Yes, a home equity loan is secured by your property. Therefore, your home remains collateral against your home equity loan.

Is there any chance I can lose my home because of a home equity loan?

The only way you can risk your property is by borrowing from any suspicious and non-official lenders. Patrick Romann connects with one of the most reliable and easy-to-work-with private mortgage lenders in Oakville.

What are the purposes that I can use my home equity loan for?

Except for anything illegal, you can do anything with the money of your home equity loan.

Is the interest on home equity loan tax-deductible?

When you use your home equity loan for any qualified purpose, such as your home renovation or rebuilding, all the interest is then tax-deductible.

Can I use my home equity loan as a down payment for a second home mortgage?

Yes, it is possible, and many people actually do use their home equity loans to pay off their second home mortgage's down payment.

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