Home Buying & Selling Strategies for Buying & Selling a Home in Oakville

If you're currently looking to sell your home and buy a new home in Oakville, there are strategies to consider. As an independent Mortgage Agent in Oakville, I can help you work through the best strategy.

Which One First - Buy or Sell?

It was easy buying your first home as you could pay the down payment, and move in when the mortgage closes. Now buying a new home when you already carry a mortgage requires a bit more though. Patrick Romann can help you with a strategy that best suits you.

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Understand the Housing Market in Oakville

Understanding the housing market in Oakville before you start searching for a new home can help you best determine which strategy to go with. By knowing if the buyer or the seller has the upper hand in the market at the moment can help you make smarter decisions.

There's pro's and cons to each side of the coin, which is why it's best to work with someone like Patrick Romann who can help you work things through so you can save the most money.

Common Strategies to Buying & Selling in Oakville

Contract Contingency: The first strategy for buying & selling a home in Oakville is to set a condition on the sale or purchase of an Oakville home. An example would be that the sale of the new home is finalized based on the condition of the previous home is sold. But could be difficult if the house you want is in demand.

Bridge Loan: Structured as a short-term loan, this allows you to cover the down payment of the new home until the current house you live in is sold, at which time the loan is paid back in full. This can be one of the most convenient strategies.

Buying an Investment Home in Oakville

Have you been looking for an investment opportunity in Oakville? Are you afraid of investing in real estate because you don't have anyone to guide you and show you around? Patrick Romann is here to lay waste to all your fears and worries. I will find you the most suitable property that meets your needs. You can sit back and relax while I do all the work. Not only will I show you the best listings and deals, but I will also answer all your questions and help you throughout the entire process. I will also handle all the financials for you. Now, isn't that something? You can be the proud owner of a beautiful and growing property in Oakville sooner than you think.

Pre-requisite For an Oakville Property Investment

Here's what you need for property investment in Oakville.

  • Adequate security of capital
  • Complement with existing real estate portfolio
  • Meet the threshold for risk-adjusted return

Once all three things are there, you can go through with your investment. Of course, I will be with you all along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oakville a good place to invest in properties?

Oakville is considered one of the most peaceful and prosperous places in Canada to invest in a property.

Is there any chance for the house prices to drop in Oakville?

It has not happened for a long while, and the future also looks quite bright for property investment in Oakville.

Can I sell a home and buy another using only one mortgage?

There are various effective ways to do that. Again, you can call Patrick Romann directly to get the best assistance in this regard.

Are there any pre-requisites for property investment in Oakville?

The pre-requisites for property investment include:

  • Adequate security of capital
  • Complement with existing real estate portfolio
  • Meet the threshold for risk-adjusted return

Is it mandatory for me to get my mortgage insured?

No, it's not mandatory. Your mortgage is insured only when there are any risks involved or you are making a lower down payment.

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