Oakville’s Dependable Mortgage Broker

Introducing myself, I’m Patrick Roman, one of the leading mortgage brokers in the Oakville region. I have built my business over the last few years through the strength of fantastic customer experience, dependable results and trusting relationships. The only way to succeed as a broker is over deliver and have people refer you; this is testament to the high quality of my services.

I know the mortgage industry inside-out and have access to 50 different lenders to provide the mortgage financing that you need. As mortgage brokers, we are remunerated by lenders, which means that my incentive is to work for you and to get you the most suitable deal possible. I focus on a wide array of financial services, with some focus on:

  • First time homebuyers
  • Next home purchase
  • Additional properties (investment or vacation)
  • Debt consolidation
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Mortgage renewals

So whether you are a prime loan purchaser, self-employed, have low credit score, bad debt, high debt, or other issues – it does not matter. I can help regardless of condition!

An Expert in Private Mortgages in Oakville

A private mortgage is a type of mortgage financing that is not funded by banks or institutional lenders, but rather by pools of capital from investors and individuals. The advantages of a private mortgage are that they are flexible, based on situation and lender discretion rather than arbitrary ratios and rules from CMHC/Genworth.

I am a leading source for private mortgages in the Oakville region; I have been working in the area for several years with scores of happy clients. I can make a private mortgage work for you when the situation requires it; whether it is for home purchase, renewal or refinancing. The product will be tailored to your needs as well as your particular cash flow.

Mortgage Renewals in Oakville

A mortgage renewal can be either an opportunity or a challenge, given your financial situation. It is an opportunity to shop for a better rate and better terms if your finances are in order. If your finances are different from when you first got the mortgage, with a lower credit score, poor debt ratio or other issues it can be a problem.

I specialize in Mortgage renewals and work on ensuring that you keep your property on favorable terms. My mortgage business in Oakville is based on referrals and happy clients, speak with me today and you will understand the Patrick Roman difference.

Debt Consolidation and Mortgage
Refinancing in Oakville

Home equity is a great way to consolidate debts that have run past the ability to repay based on cash flow. I can help you reframe your financial situation by consolidating high interest, or undesirable debt into your mortgage, thereby reducing your monthly payments.

In the financial services industry the emphasis is to make interest on lent out capital. Mortgage capital has lower annual interest and is thus much better than credit card or high interest line of credit debt. I am Oakville’s mortgage refinancing expert and can help you consolidate your debt.