Milton’s reputable Mortgage Broker

I have been helping clients in the Milton area get access to the mortgage and credit they need. With decades of experience and access to a network of 50 lenders and financial institutions, my business is built on the basis of solid results, deep trust and a reputation built through exceptional customer experience.

My business is built on the basis of helping my clients in the most appropriate means possible. As a broker, I work for you to find the financing that suits best. My business reimbursement is from the lenders, not from fees from you – therefore my best interest is to find you the perfect deal in your situation.

I have a wide array of financial services that I help my clients with, with some of the notable strong suits being:

  • New home purchase (first time homebuyer or subsequent properties)
  • Investment properties or second/vacation homes
  • Debt/mortgage refinancing to optimize finances and cash flow
  • Mortgage renewals

So whether you are a prime home buyer, self-employed, have low credit, bad debt, high debt, or other issues – it does not matter. I can help regardless of state of affairs!

Private Mortgages in Milton

I’m Patrick Roman and I am a specialist in providing private mortgages in Milton and surrounding regions. My approach to mortgage lending and credit assessment is situation based. I get to know my clients and their personal financial circumstances. I can help look at all options ranging from financial institutions to private lenders.

Private mortgages are a versatile financial tool when traditional financial institutions have reservations lending for the purchase, renewal or refinancing of a property. For most people in this situation, private mortgages are lifesavers. Private mortgages are typically funded by pools of private capital and investors. I have access to the leading sources of private mortgage financing and have helped several clients in Milton get the financing they need.

Debt Consolidation and Mortgage Refinancing in Milton

There are a wide number of reasons to look for refinancing and debt consolidation. Debts tend to accumulate and a large sum to pay them off immediately is hard to conceive sometimes. Home equity built through homeownership and property price appreciation can be a great source of funds to consolidate debt, fix your cash-flow and to get things in order.

I advise my clients to smart about the type of debt they carry. Interest rates on credit cards over 20% or lines of credit over 10% is not good use of funds. Paying minimum payments can mean that your debt accumulates and things get out of hand. Many times the smart thing to do is have an expert like myself review your finances and cash flow and help you make a decision on where to best deploy your resources. With access to 50 different lenders and deep experience in the Milton region, I am confident I can help you with debt consolidation and mortgage refinancing.

Leading Broker for Mortgage Renewals in Milton

My personal brand, as Patrick Roman, has been built on the basis of helping clients with mortgage renewals in Milton; especially those that find that their financial situation has changed since first obtaining the mortgage. I have been in the mortgage industry in Ontario for many years and have access to 50 different lenders and institutions that can prove to be the source of the financing you need.