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for Mortgage financing

I’m Patrick Roman and I have been serving the Mississauga region through scores of happy clients and millions of dollars in brokered deals over the last few years. I have access to over 50 lenders and which includes both private and institutional financial institutions. This means I can get you into the property that you desire, or keep you in the one you own through mortgage renewal or refinancing.

I specialize in a full spectrum of mortgage products from new home purchase, second mortgages, second property, vacation home, investment property, mortgage refinancing, mortgage renewals, private mortgages and loans, debt consolidation and much more!

Specialty in Private Mortgages in Hamilton

A private mortgage essentially comes from funding through investors through individuals and other means this means rather than a traditional bank. This has inherent advantages in that they typically do not have the hassle associated with getting a mortgage from a bank or another financial institution. A private mortgage is a great way to bridge the gap, and obtain financing.

When getting you a private mortgage I tend to look at the full picture understand your financial situation and get you rates accordingly, rather than strict arbitrary calculations; this means that there is room to play for people with incomes that are hard to prove or that have affected credit. I can confidently say that I am the leading source of private mortgages in Hamilton; speak with me today about options!

So whether you are a prime applicant with good credit/debt, self-employed, have low credit, bad debt, high debt, or other issues – it does not matter. I can help regardless of set of circumstances!

Mortgage Refinancing Options and Debt Consolidation in Hamilton

Debt consolidation and mortgage refinancing are actually two things that are quite heavily related. People often don’t realize that they can use their debt load and improve their cash flow situation by replacing heavy and high interest credit with ‘light’ credit.

This basically means that you can replace a high interest credit card or line of credit with a mortgage. What we do is use the equity built in your property to pay down high interest debt, and then mortgage financing to take on low interest debt.

This way you can make sustainable payments that suits your cash flow. I have access to the most competitive rates and I guarantee that you will find the most appropriate solution for your debt consolidation and mortgage financing needs in Hamilton!

Hassle-free Mortgage Renewals in Hamilton

Mortgage renewals are a key specialty of my brokerage in Hamilton. If your mortgage term is coming to an end and you are looking for a better rate, or your financial situation has altered from when you first got the mortgage – I can definitely help!

I have been keeping people in their homes for several years. My access of 50 or more lenders makes a key difference when negotiation your renewal. I can offer competitive rates and solutions regardless of the client profile. With me you can rest assured that there is always a solution to your mortgage renewal concerns. Whether you are a prime A+ client or have had some financial difficulties or have issues in proving your income I can help.