Burlington’s Exceptional Mortgage Broker

Burlington has grown into a wonderful area to live and work in over the past few decades. I am proud to say that I have helped this process by assisting people move into new homes, change homes and acquire more property in the area. My business spans multiple repeat clients that refer people from Burlington and I’m always happy to help.

I have a lot to offer my clients as a premier mortgage broker in Burlington. My network of lenders is 50+ financial institutions, investors and private capital pools. This means I can find the right mortgage solution for you regardless of circumstances. I deal with all products mortgage related, but here are a couple of notable situations I do specialize in:

  • First time homeowners
  • Home purchase
  • Vacation property purchase
  • Investment property purchase
  • Private mortgage financing
  • Mortgage renewal
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Debt consolidation

So whether you are a Prime loan customer, self-employed, have low credit score, bad debt, high debt, or other issues – it does not matter. I can help regardless of situation!

An Expert in Private Mortgages in Burlington

Private mortgage funding, as opposed to a traditional mortgage which from a financial institution, comes from a private pool of capital where the funding comes from a other investors or individuals. Private mortgages are not constrained by CMHC/Genworth when less than 20% down payment, nor do they use the strict calculations used by the banks. These are granted on a situation by situation basis and really depend on the customer’s profile and story. We know that there is more to your income than the strict set of documents required by traditional lenders.

I ensure that the terms associated and that the process is quite transparent. I will work with you so that you fully understand your private mortgage. These mortgages are excellent ways to bridge financing till you would like to graduate to a different tier of mortgage. Speak to me today about private mortgage options for your Burlington property.

Debt Consolidation in Burlington

Debt consolidation is one of the key services I offer clients in the Burlington region. Debt consolidation can be done through a number of means, but the preferred method of choice is usually Mortgage Refinancing.

What we do here is make use of some of the equity built up in your property through value appreciation or you paying off the principal. We can take high cost debt like credit cards and replace them with lower interest mortgage debt. This eases cash flow and makes your monthly budgets easier to control.

Additionally Mortgage Refinancing is also a means to get your equity out and use the cash elsewhere to deal with life events or to invest. I am confident I can help you with refinancing your Burlington home or commercial property, speak with me today to get the conversation started.

Renewing Mortgages in Burlington

Regardless of whether you’re looking to improve your mortgage rate or think you might have difficulty qualifying for the original terms/rate in your initial mortgage – I can help you. My access to over 50 key lenders means that I can get you a highly competitive rate. The same access also lets me come up with creative ways to ensure that your mortgage renewal is on the best possible terms given your financial situation.