Brampton’s Smart Source
for Mortgage Financing

In a market saturated by mortgage brokers with all kinds of different lenders how do you tell who is on your side? The answer is quite simple. You look at the mortgage broker and the business that they have built. The reason to do so is simple, exceptional brokers build business through referrals and repeat clients. I have one of the largest set of referral and repeat clients in Brampton.

I have been serving Brampton for several years now across all kinds of different mortgage and financial products. My personal brand is built on the on the basis of trust and honesty and results.

I provide end-to-end solutions for people looking for financing in mortgages, some notable areas of specialization are:

  • First time home buyers
  • Private Mortgages
  • Second home purchase
  • Vacation home purchase
  • Second mortgage
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Mortgage renewals

Brampton’s Choice Broker for Private Mortgages

My business is one of the leading sources of private mortgages in Brampton.  Let’s start by understanding private mortgages are an option. Private mortgages exist because sometimes institutional ‘A’ lenders such as banks and credit unions are too conservative with their lending rules and will only look at specific numbers and ratios.

If it’s not the banks, its CMHC or Genworth that refuse to insure mortgages with less than 20% down payment. In this case, you’re essentially getting treated as a number and a file. With a private mortgage I can get you bridge financing till when you can qualify for conventional mortgages. I take the time to understand every person’s unique situation and understand which type of financing may be right for them in order to secure the property but they desire.

So whether you have good credit, low debt, self-employed, have low credit, bad debt, high debt, or other issues – it does not matter. I can help!

Mortgage Refinancing and Debt Consolidation in Brampton

Mortgage refinancing is a great way to rework the debt in your personal financial portfolio. Explaining this a little bit more; if you consider the debt does the average Canadian has there is a mixture between mortgage lines of credit and high interest rate credit cards.

Typically in many households the ratio between these instruments can get out of control and then start affecting cash flow. What we can do here is fix that ‘interest mix’ by moving some of the high-interest debt into a low interest loan like your mortgage. This basically means that we use some of the equity built up in your home to rebalance the deb. This means that your overall level of interest payments goes down as well as improving your cash flow in time.

As you pay down your mortgage the equity will return. Debt consolidation is easiest done through making use of equity, however I also have access to other funding that can help you. Take advantage of this today and speak with me how about options.

On Your Terms: Mortgage Renewals
for Brampton Properties

When starting out many years ago, I actually found that my first specialization came in mortgages renewals due to the personal framework I apply to these situations.

A mortgage renewal is essentially an event that’s what happens when the when the term of your mortgage comes to an end. This has a couple of implications.

  1. You are either looking for a better rate; or
  2. You are dealing with changes to your financial situation since the original mortgage was closed

On the rate issue – with my access to over 50 plus lenders and deep understanding of credit underwriting and current rates I am positive that I can get you the best possible rates given your financial circumstances.

Secondly I also specialize in what is called a special situation where you have potentially increase your debt load much higher than when you first got the mortgage. Or where your credit score has decreased because of a life situation. I have a deep understanding of implications of this situation and what steps need to be taken in order to address it.

This means I can help you with your mortgage renewal when a traditional mortgage broker or a financial institution will not do speak with me today to learn more about options.